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Bodrum, or Halicarnassus as it's known in folk songs, is one of Turkey's best-known vacation destinations, but Bodrum is much more than just the bracingly crisp waters of the Aegean and the warm and sensuous climate of the Mediterranean, and its sporting and artistic events are what make the summer truly unforgettable. Bodrum offers ideal conditions for sailing, wind-surfing and other water sports, and its marina full of yachts riding at anchor and beside the well-preserved Crusader castle is a sight engraved on the memories of the over a million visitors who enjoy the summer in Bodrum. Year round Bodrum's eagerly awaited arts festivals, colorful nightlife and inspiring architecture of two-story white stone buildings make it not only one of the world's most unique destinations but also something you'll want to experience to the fullest.


Bodrum Cup

Bodrum Cup


The Bodrum Cup International Yacht Races have been held every October since 1989. Bringing together yacht fanciers and thrill-seekers, the colorful sails and graceful yachts Bodrum welcomes make this, the largest nautical competition in the Mediterranean, a visual celebration not to be missed.

Bodrum  International Classical Music Festival

Bodrum International Classical Music Festival


The world's only classical musical festival to be held in a Marina, every August since 2005 this event has treated visitors to four days of superb classical music. Hosting over 160,000 concertgoers since its inception, the festival's program consists of sundown recitals and evening concerts.



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